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90&9 Presents



PRICE: $25

Learn More About Fighter in This Video!

Ticket proceeds go towards putting on uplifting shows (like Fighter), conventions, and workshops for kids and teens who really need it. Thank you so much for your support!


Once I purchase my online ticket, do I get to watch it as many times as I want?

Absolutely! The $25 online ticket lets you stream it as many times as you want. You will be given a ticket code that will get you in.

How does the discount code work?

After you click on the "GET MY TICKET" button, it will take you to the ticket page.

What is 90&9?

90&9 is a nonprofit organization that Nik and Darla Day started to promote healthy living through the performing arts. They do shows like Fighter and put on performing arts workshops and conventions for kids.

Who trained the aerialists in Fighter?

Cirque du Soleil performer, Darla Day, trained all the aerialists in Fighter! They are students or teachers at her studio, Aeris Aerial Arts in Utah.

Is Fighter a Christian show?

Fighter has a lot of Christian symbolism in it. From scenes like the garden of Eden, and characters that represent God and Satan, there are a lot of hidden Christian gems in this show. See how much you can find! It also can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what your beliefs.

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A phoenix, living in the cirque world in the sky, is overcome by Inner Darkness, a sinister hooded figure, and falls to our world in a pile of ashes. She ends up in a high school where she faces the difficulties of adolescent life. She meets three characters, the Football Team Captain, the Cheerleader, and the Valedictorian, who are all struggling with their own issues. Each of these characters performs on their own cirque "apparatus" that is symbolic of their inner pain while singers perform the original songs assigned to each character. The narrator raps his narrations and invites us into the minds of these characters. The phoenix, one by one, helps these characters, and in turn loses her ashes until she becomes a beautiful phoenix again and performs an amazing number on the aerial silks at the end of the show, symbolizing her ability to fly again and return to her world in the sky. She says goodbye to her new friends as she returns home, stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than she was before.

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