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We all have things that we're dealing with. Challenges and trials. But no matter what it's our choice to keep climbing and rising from those ashes. We're not alone. There's always someone there who's watching out for us. By helping other people it can help bring us out of those pits and help us see some light. This show encourages families to communicate and love each other through the ups and downs of life. Thank you for going on this journey with us.

- Nik and Darla Day, Creators



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A phoenix, living in the cirque world in the sky, is overcome by Inner Darkness, a sinister hooded figure, and falls to our world in a pile of ashes. She ends up in a high school where she faces the difficulties of adolescent life. She meets three characters, the Football Team Captain, the Cheerleader, and the Valedictorian, who are all struggling with their own issues. Each of these characters performs on their own cirque "apparatus" that is symbolic of their inner pain while singers perform the original songs assigned to each character. The narrator raps his narrations and invites us into the minds of these characters. The phoenix, one by one, helps these characters, and in turn loses her ashes until she becomes a beautiful phoenix again and performs an amazing number on the aerial silks at the end of the show, symbolizing her ability to fly again and return to her world in the sky. She says goodbye to her new friends as she returns home, stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than she was before.

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The phoenix is a magical creature who lives in the cirque world in the sky. She is learning how to fly from the Grand Phoenix, who she hopes to be like someday. As she struggles with feelings of self doubt, Inner Darkness overtakes her and she falls from the sky and ends up in a high school setting on our world. She meets the Football Team Captain, the Cheerleader, and the Valedictorian, who all have their own struggles. The Phoenix figures out how to help each one of them and as time passes she loses all of her ashes. She then performs a beautiful act on the aerial silks, showing that she has finally learned how to fly. She also finds out that the Grand Phoenix has been watching over her all along. Played by Matisse Seal.


The Football Team Captain is amazing at sports and the whole school looks up to him. He has taken the football team to state championships, but he is keeping a secret that is eating him alive. He doesn't want anyone to know, especially his parents, that he is gay. What if his parents don't accept him? What if everyone at school rejects him? He performs on the aerial chains during the song, "Chains," showing how trapped and weighed down he feels. The Phoenix knows his secret and shows him unconditional love, which helps him learn how to love and accept himself. Played by Alan Brinkerhoff.

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The Cheerleader is popular and looks perfect on the outside, but feels a lot of pain inside. She doesn't live in a safe home and has low confidence, but she hides it by taking cute selfies and bullying the less popular kids at school. She doesn't want anyone to see the sadness that she feels, but the Phoenix sees her as she is. The Cheerleader performs a dance number and does part of her act on an aerial globe during the song "Out of My Head." The Phoenix helps her get out of her head even though she was bullied by the Cheerleader, and they become friends. The Cheerleader finds the confidence and self love she has been searching for. Played by Charity Anderson Reid.


The Valedictorian feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She feels valued by being the top of her class and doing everything right. She is very intelligent and responsible, but feels an immense pressure to be perfect. She feels like she is drowning in all of her expectations, and can barely breathe. She performs on the aerial Lyra during the song, "Underwater." The Phoenix sees and feels her pain, and helps her overcome some of her anxieties, and the Valedictorian learns how to breathe deeply and starts to allow herself to enjoy life and put less expectations on herself. Played by Maya Kelley.

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Inner Darkness is the evil force that whispers lies and tells the characters that they will never be good enough. He has an obsession with the Phoenix because she is everything he isn't – beautiful, glorious, and kind. He overpowers the Phoenix at the beginning of the show and makes her burn into a pile of ashes. He performs his death-defying number on the aerial straps and makes the Phoenix feel helpless. But his hold over her doesn't last long. The Phoenix learns how to not let Inner Darkness overpower her and accepts all of the unique things that make her special. Played by Brandon Hansen.


The Grand Phoenix is the queen of the skies. She rules over her world with grace and love and helps the other magical creatures become who they were meant to be. In the beginning, in the cirque world in the sky, the Grand Phoenix is helping the Phoenix learn how to fly. She allows Inner Darkness to enter her kingdom and overcome the Phoenix, leading to her fall. The Grand Phoenix watches over the Phoenix and helps her navigate this strange new world. The Grand Phoenix knows that to truly learn how to fly, the Phoenix needs to learn how to love those around her. She gives the Phoenix the strength she needs to shed her ashes and become the beautiful, glorious being she was always destined to be. Played by Holly Ann Jarvis.

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The Narrator raps the stories of the Phoenix, the Football Team Captain, the Cheerleader, and the Valedictorian, and helps us see what's happening inside their heads. At the end of the show when the Phoenix learns how to fly, he sings "We're in This Together." He sings, "When you stare in the mirror, everyone's staring back at you. When you feel like you're lost, you've got someone to hold onto. When life seems to break your heart, you're not the only one. And it won't last forever. We're in this together." Played by Oba Bonner.





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DARLA DAY, co-creator of 90&9, is a professional aerial acrobat and circus performer. She has performed across the country with Cirque USA, Cirque Du Soleil, J&D Entertainment, Ke$ha, David Tutera, MTV, SONY, Cindy Lauper, Dallas Cowboys, Celebrity Super Bowl Parties, Odyssey Dance Theatre and more. She has directed, choreographed and produced Cirque-style shows in Salt Lake City and all over the world for the past 10 years. She was creative director for an International show in Tokyo, Japan starring Lauren Allred from The Greatest Showman. She has directed shows for USANA, NUSKIN, VIVINT, XYNGULAR, MORINDA (TAHITIAN NONI), GOVERNOR'S GALA, YOUNIQUE, AMERICA FIRST, and more. She was the aerial director for an episode of Wonderama, The aerial director for Vocal Point’s, “Greatest Showman” Music Video and appeared as ‘Zendaya’, Director for the One Voice Children’s Choir Music Video, “I’m not Broken”, Aerial Director for One Voice Children’s Choir, “This is Me Music Video”, Aerial Director for Lexi Walker’s , “When a Child is Born” music video, Co-Director for Symphonique presented by UVU, and more. She is also a public speaker and you can see one of her speaches on Hope Works. Click here to watch.

NIK DAY is a co-creator of 90&9 and a singer/songwriter who resides in Salt Lake County with his wife and three kids. He has written hundreds of songs (Peace in Christ, I Can Do All Things, Trust in the Lord, I Will Go and Do sung by David Archuleta, A Great Work) for the Church of Jesus Christ, and his songs have been translated into more than 40 languages and performed around the world. He has traveled to many different countries to put on songwriting workshops for Latter-day Saint youth. The music he has created has received more than a billion streams around the world.

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Jodi O. Brown, MS, CFRE, is a strategist-turned-survivor on a mission to help leaders and teams influence and inspire through interpersonal interactions and grow stronger from struggle. She is a resilience and antifragility expert, award-winning professional speaker and author, certified business coach and consultant, and a brain tumor survivor. She earned a master's degree in organizational leadership & communication, a bachelor's degree in public relations, multiple certifications, and she is working on her fifth book. When organizations like Comcast, AstraZeneca, Coldwell Banker, and United Way want to inspire their people to leave a positive mark every day, they reach out to Jodi. For a FREE copy of her bestselling and award-winning memoir, The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light, visit her website,

Brad Barton is a culture building leadership expert, author, and a world record-breaking track athlete. He inspires Fortune 500 companies to cultivate their record-setting performance culture. He was inducted into the Weber State University Athletic Hall of Fame and has recently set Masters Track world and American records for the 1500m, 3000m, and Steeplechase. Oh, and Brad is the only 50+-year-old to ever run a mile faster than 4 minutes 20 seconds. Brad and his wife Melissa share 12 children. He serves on the Board of Directors of the 90&9 nonprofit organization that brings us this production of Fighter.

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Fighter welcomes Shift Dance Company! Shift Dance Company is a professional company based in Highland, Utah under the direction of Megan Warnick. Shift has a mission to bring opportunities to perform for dancers in Utah. While the main focus is performing, Shift has a goal to help bring light to mental health through dancing and using it as a tool to help the artists as well as the audience through whatever they may be going through! 

Becoming Shift.jpg
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Director: McKenzie Gray


Kaizlee Gull

Kaislee Nilles 

Faith Dallin

Rylee Osburn 

Sophie Beck

Morgan Oldham

Chaeslynn Wilson

Iris Lee 

Irie Snow

Arleigh Haskell 

Presley Steel

Paisley Yates

The Dance Spot Dancers are in the dance number "Rise From the Ashes."

Learn Aerial Arts!

Do you want to learn how to do what these amazing aerial performers are doing on the stage? Every aerial cast member learned everything they know at Aeris Aerial Arts. We have locations in Kaysville and Sandy. Click the button to try a free trial class!




The Phoenix

The performing arts are Matisse’s passion! She loves connecting with her audiences and creating magical experiences they will never forget. After being a competitive gymnast for 9 years, she trained in a variety of aerial disciplines at Aeris Aerial Arts for 9 years and now performs professionally. She has performed 40+ live shows for the Halloween show, Thriller, by Odyssey Dance Theater, and most recently performed 40 live shows in Cirque: Spirit of Christmas at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Maryland.

Brandon Hansen_edited.jpg

Inner Darkness

Brandon is an Alumni of Aeris Aerial Arts, training with the Company from 2013-2015. In 2016 he went to NYC where he competed in and won the US Aerial Championship in Men’s Silk. He has performed and coached worldwide, from Thailand to Argentina, to New York City. Recently he’s performed as the Prince in “Claire Takes Flight”, an Aerial variation of the Nutcracker in Wisconsin, as well as the featured aerialist in “Under the Big Top”, a recital for Dance Depot in Idaho. He currently lives in Los Angeles, and coaches for Le Petit Cirque & The Loft. 

Headshot 2 .jpg

Inner Darkness

Mark is an aerialist and choreographer. He choreographed & performed closing act - duo straps - for Cirque: Spirit of Christmas at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, he Co-choreographed & performed “The Phantom of the Opera” and "Harry Potter" straps act in Thriller, he performed at various gigs throughout Utah for a variety of clients including:USANA’s Global Convention, The Governors Gala of Salt Lake City, US Air Force, Nu-skin, Deer Lodge Park City, Mountain America Bank, and has been in Fighter since the first year! Because of an injury, he isn't performing this year, but he will be cheering from back stage!


The Grand Phoenix

Based in Ogden, Utah, Holly Ann Jarvis Brooks is an accomplished aerial & performing artist. She is an adjunct faculty member at the Weber State University Department of Performing Arts. Notably recognized for her pioneering contributions to the aerial sling discipline, Holly has spent 12 years nurturing her aerial career, sharing her expertise and captivating audiences globally, including teaching and performing in countries such as China, Canada, Singapore, Nicaragua, and beyond. Beyond her aerial pursuits, Holly finds fulfillment in her roles as a mother and wife, embracing her multifaceted dreams with grace and gratitude.

Maya Headshot_edited.jpg


Maya Noelle Kelley is excited to reprise her role as the Valedictorian this year! She has performed in Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theater, at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, at the Festival of Trees, and many conventions in Utah. She is proficient at the Silks, Lyra, Straps, Globe, Cube, Hammock, Tumbling, and Contortion.

Charity (25 × 25 in).png


Charity Anderson Reid is an American dancer. She specializes in contemporary and acro dance. She and partner Andres Peñate competed on season 2 of World of Dance in 2018, becoming the first in the show's history to score a perfect 100 on a routine. The pair, billed as Charity & Andres, choreographed their own routines, taking advantage of each other's athleticism and knowledge of "dance tricks". They finished third in the finals with a combined average score of 94.3. Charity & Andres participated in the World of Dance fall tour in 2018. In April 2019, Anderson was one of seven dancers selected to back Derek Hough on his first solo tour. In August 2019, Charity & Andres choreographed and performed a special "farewell dance" for The Piano Guys’ cover of Lewis Capaldi “Somebody You Loved” that has received over 20 million views. We are so excited to have Charity in Fighter this year! She is one of the best dancers in the world, and we are blessed to have her.


Football Team Captain

Alan is excited to be reprising his role as the football team captain in Fighter this year. Offstage he is a physical therapist, avid gardener and plant enthusiast.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 5.00.46 PM.png


Oba Bonner is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Utah. He is part of the legendary Bonner Family who perform together all over the world. "Oba Bonner has all the makings of a star: talent, charisma, energy, ambition. Yet it’s his hard-earned wisdom—an inner strength running just below his bubbly surface—that ties everything together for the Utah native. An experienced studio engineer with high-tech music industry skills, Oba is now ready for his solo close-up slipping seamlessly between hip-hop, and pop."




Claire is so excited to be a part of Fighter again this year! This is her sixth year participating in this show, and she is so grateful for the amazing opportunity it has been. She wants to thank Nik and Darla for giving her the chance to be in this show, so long ago. She hopes you enjoy the show and that you feel the amazing energy that comes from it! 

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 4.45.42 PM.png


Patch is a singer, songwriter and producer living in Salt Lake City, UT. He has performed all over the world as a soloist, back up singer, and as a member of a boyband. He is blissfully married and has two beautiful children. He has written and performed songs that have amassed millions of streams across the globe. His song, "If You Believe" that he did with Strive to Be, has received over 600 million streams on TikTok alone.



Hada Verónica is a musical performer from Tamaulipas who began her career at the age of 12. She has performed at festivities, mass events, and big concerts. Hada has performed in many cities of the Mexican Republic. She has opened for well-known artists and has also been the star of the show. Hada has performed on several television shows in Mexico and the United States and has released two albums, filmed music videos, has been interviewed on radio shows, has appeared in the press, and in countless electronic media. She also hosted a TV show in Mexico, hosted a radio show and has been active in the music industry for the past 20 years.

Jaymz Tuaileva.png


Jaymz Tuaileva was a finalist on the 2nd season of So You Think You Can Dance, and has been a choreographer on multiple seasons of Dancing With The Stars. He has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Cher, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and more. He also choreographed the show, “Donny and Marie” in Vegas. He was handpicked by Michael Jackson for his “This is It” tour. 


Halee Ballash
Asst Director

In addition to 25 years of teaching and production experience across the country, Halee has a degree from Utah Valley University, where she performed with their Song ‘n Dance Company on multiple scholarships. She has toured nationally and internationally as a performer with various companies, and as a director with the company she founded, The Center for the Performing Arts. Halee has been privileged to perform on cruise ships, at theme parks, and in professional venues such as Disney, Hale Center Theater, Ballet West, the 2002 Olympics, and more. Although she has performed a variety of leading roles in various productions, Halee loves being behind the scenes helping others shine the very most. She has choreographed, directed, and judged in many venues such as Midvale Main Street Theatre, RAC, the Trumbauer theatre competition, “America On Stage”, “Aspire”, and “RUSH” national dance competitions, and the Arizona Adrenaline professional arena football dance team. For the Jordan River Temple Rededication Celebration “Ready”, Halee choreographed and set the opening number – on a cast of 2,000 performers - at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. This is her fourth season with 90&9’s original musical “Fighter”.

IMG_9124 (1).JPG


Olivia is a dancer and choreographer, and she received her Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She has been helping with Fighter since the beginning, and loves the performing arts and helping others. Olivia choreographed the dance number "Rise From the Ashes" where the dancers are dancing with the Phoenix's ashes.


Asst. Director, Aerial Flyer

Dani trained in Russian ballet for 10 years and trained in aerial arts for 10 years at Aeris Aerial Arts. She has performed in multiple shows directed by Darla Day and performed in Odyssey Dance Theaters Thriller. She has performed in and managed events with Honda, USANA, Younique, Morinda, and America First. She will be backstage during Fighter and flying the performers on the motor.  

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 9.14.43 PM.png

Costume Designer




Darla Day 

Asst Director 

Dani Done

Halee Ballash 


Artistic Director 

Jaymz Tuaileva 

Music Director/Creator 

Nik Day 

Stage Manager

Rosey Goodrich 


Production Managers

Rosey Goodrich 

Darla Day 

Billy Stockholm


Asst Stage Manager

David Luna Jr 


Lighting Director 

Ash Pease


Scenic Director/Creator 

Mark Halvorsen 


Aerial Flyer

Dani Done 

Sound Designer 

Joe Anderson 


Dance Choreographers 

Darla Day 

Jaymz Tuaileva 

Megan Warnick

Jason Celaya

Olivia Fullmer

Jillian Richins

Halee Ballash


Aerial Choreographers 

Darla Day

Matisse Seal

Maya Kelley

Mark Webber 


Costume Design

Iffy Mitchell  


Shift Dancers under the Direction of Megan Warnick:

Grace Coles

Hannah Whipple

Saige Auny

Savannah Petersen

Ella Bellis

Samantha Ford

Mia Arias

Sami Brinkerhoff

Cam DeLuna

Lauren Bonner 

Jace Chadwick

Kaison Cotton


Aerialists: Aeris Aerial Arts Kids Company

Ace Allen

Jocelyn Andreasen

Ellie Blundell

Jadyn Boyce

Jaycee Brenchley

Lanna Bruinsma

Jadyn Crane

Baron Davis

Reagan England

Emberlyn Harrison

Rylee Hunsaker

Jack Johnson

Maya Kelley

Sydney Kemp

Poppy Lees

Brooke Mills

Addison Morris

Juliette Shorten

Madeline Stone

Dahlia Swain

Willow Waddoups

Alivia White


Inner Darkness Crows:

Christina Jachmann, Grace Schealing

Grace Coles, Mia Arias


Little Phoenix: Savannah Curtis


Football Captain Parents:

Chloe Kent, Will Maguire


Cheerleader Parents:

Savannah Petersen, Jace Chadwick


Valedictorian Dad: David Luna Jr.

90&9 Officers

Founders: Nik and Darla Day

Executive Director: Jodi Brown

Board of Directors

Dani Done

Diana Nellis

Brad Barton 

Lincoln Westcott

Tami Baker

Michelle Palmer

An enormous thanks to our union crew helping us with this year's run of Fighter!

A special thank you to Chessa Shorten for the hours of support, feeding us, fixing things that break, volunteering, and watching out for the cast.

We would also like to give a big thank you to all of our volunteers. All the aerial moms, friends, and family members who have gone above and beyond to make Fighter a reality. There have been hundreds of volunteer hours to bring this show to life. It takes an army to do something like this, and we're grateful for ours!



**90&9 Is a non-profit that supports healthy living through the performing arts.  

To stay connected to 90&9 throughout the year we offer aerial workshops for groups, corporate retreats, or treatment centers. We also have amazing professional speakers, singers,  or performers who can speak at or entertain any event whether corporate, private, or school. Fighter is even available in "condensed" versions to fit any event as well. You can reach out to us by email, and through our website







SCENE 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE FALL 


SCENE 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ALONE


SCENE 3---------------------------------------------------------------------------SAME TONIGHT


SCENE 4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAINS


SCENE 5----------------------------------------------------------------------OUT OF MY HEAD


SCENE 6--------------------------------------------------------------------------------UNDERWATER


SCENE 7----------------------------------------------------HE’LL NEVER LET YOU GO 


SCENE 8----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FIGHTER


SCENE 9-----------------------------------------------------------------------INNER DARKNESS






SCENE 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ASHES

SCENE 2----------------------------------------------------------------------I’M NOT BROKEN


SCENE 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------LEARN TO FLY


SCENE 4------------------------------------------------------------RISE FROM THE ASHES


SCENE 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------------WATCH ME FLY


SCENE 6----------------------------------------------THE SUN WILL RISE FOR YOU

SCENE 7--------------------------------------------------------------------------FIGHTER (REPRISE)

SCENE 8------------------------------------------------------WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER

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The only way 90&9 can operate is because of donors like you. Donation dollars help keep our ticket prices down and provide opportunities for youth. Something amazing about Fighter is that the majority of the show is run backstage primarily by kids and there are several kids in the show – singers, dancers, and choreographers. This show empowers kids! It gives them purpose and the chance to trust themselves. It shows them that others can depend on them, and it grows their confidence. The more confident our youth are the more they can face and conquer the challenges this world throws at them. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! Click the button below to donate.

Fighter Lyrics (Written by Nik Day and Darla Day)




We’re the same, you and me, the same basic needs,

The same hearts that bleed, the same breath we breathe

But we don’t always wear it all on our sleeves

Cause deep down we’re scared that other people might see

Our issues. Heaven forbid.

Someone finds out what’s going on up in our heads

The funny part is we all feel the same thing

We care so much about what everybody else thinks

And what if they judge us

If everyone knew there’s no way that they’d love us


For some reason today, sadness is sweeping the world like a plague

Either our chemical make-up is doomed from the start

or our negative thoughts take us somewhere so dark that we’re

Contemplating things that should never be mentioned

Screaming to heaven for divine intervention

And sometimes we feel like nobody’s listening

Cause if someone’s up there, why is there so much suffering


There’s the football team captain

He scores a touchdown and the whole school starts clapping

But he’s got a secret that he’ll never say

What will happen if they find out that he’s gay

And it’s tearing him up deep inside

and he's seriously thinking about taking his own life

Cause how would his parents react

Would they make him leave throw him away with the trash?


There’s the popular girl, the queen of the prom

On the outside she’s perfect, but something went wrong.

She has low self-esteem. She’s so angry inside.

So, she teases and bullies the girls that walk by.

But she’s so confused. And she’s desperate to know. 

Why she’s surrounded by friends, but she feels so alone.


There’s the valedictorian three years straight A’s

But she can’t even sleep cause she’s scared that she may

get that B plus and see disappointment on mom and dad’s face

The panic attacks and it’s only a matter of time till she breaks


And then there’s our phoenix ashamed of her scars

She gave in to the lies, then she fell… so… far…

She was burned in the fire of mistakes and self-doubt

Now she’s covered in ashes, alone on the ground

But there’s hope for her yet. There’s a way to break free

And uncover the beauty that lies underneath

She can take off her ashes in time, one by one

Every time that she shows unconditional love


No matter how far gone we feel, there’s still hope

And if we open our hearts, we won’t feel so alone 


“The Same Tonight”


See the light on the skyline

It’s fading fast

And it’s taking away all the stains of the past

It’s a brand-new beginning

Time to start living

All the walls you’ve been building are

Tumbling down tumbling down



We all come from somewhere

We go wrong sometimes

Whatever you’ve been through

We’re the same tonight

We’re the same tonight

We’re the same tonight


You don’t need to keep hiding

Who you are

No one’s turning away

If you open your heart

It’s a brand-new beginning

Time to start living

All the walls you’ve been building are

Tumbling down tumbling down




“Chains Narration”


He has all these dreams, and He’s trying to climb

But there's something that's weighing him down all the time

Like a cannon ball's strapped to his arms and his legs

And every step burns dripping sweat down his face

He thinks he’ll get stronger but as the days pass

He starts to wonder how much longer he’ll last

But the hardest part is, he knows deep inside

That he might have these chains till the day that he dies




I’ll admit I’m a little scared

Feel the blood rushing to my head

And I lie lie lie here alone lone lone

Cause there’s no no nowhere to go go go now

I forgot who I wanna be

People say something’s wrong with me

So I stay stay stay in the dark dark dark

Who knows if I’ll ever get out out of these



Chains chains

Don’t know how to break these chains

They got a hold of me

They got a hold of me

And they’re pulling me away away

Chains chains

Don’t know how to break these chains

They got a hold of me

They got a hold of me

And they’re pulling me away away away




I’m the king of a prison cell

A civil war inside myself

Cause I’m bruised bruised bruised and I’m broke broke broke

If I break break break out I don’t don’t know what

What’ll ever become of me

And I think that I’m in too deep

So I stay stay stay in the dark dark dark

Who knows if I’ll ever get out out of these






Never get out of these


Never get out of these


Never get out of these





“Out of My Head Narration”


We all have two sides; two halves to the whole

One side is the side we want people to know

Where everything’s perfect; our clothes are all pressed

We live in the house with the white picket fence

But sometimes behind all the smiles that we show

There’s the opposite side that we try to control

It’s covered with cobwebs; it smells like decay

But we’ve locked all the doors and the key’s stored away

It’s the side that we try to make sure no one sees

And we’re dreading the day when that dark side breaks free


“Out of My Head”


I been wondering I been wondering

Just how long is this gonna last

I feel crazy I feel crazy

Like a roller coaster heart attack 

I don't know which one I'll be tonight 

A Dr. Jekyll or a Mr. Hyde 

It's a struggle just to stay alive gotta stay alive, gotta stay alive now




They say it's all in my head


And I say yes it is, but



It's not my imagination

It's got control of me

The darkness is closing in

It's closing in I gotta get

Out of my head


Look around and look around and

See the people walking down the street

They’re so happy they’re so happy

And I’m asking why can’t that be me

It’s like I’m spinning round and round 

And everything is inside out

Someone come and save me now can’t you save me now

Cause I’m breaking down like






The problem is up in my head, I know that
The monsters ain’t under my bed, I know that

It’s crazy what the mind can do
It can tell the truth but it can lie to me too 
My head’s pounding my heart starts racing 
I’m in a maze but the walls keep on changing 
I’m not a lost cause, it ain’t over yet 
Just gotta figure out how to get out of my head 




“Underwater Narration”


Buried in books and the search for perfection

It’s beyond an obsession, she’s deep in depression

And despite the awards and recognition that she gets

It’s like it’s never enough. She just adds more to the list

She feels like she’s drowning. The pressure’s so great

When she tries to resurface, she gets crushed by the weight

But she’s still reaching higher, she still sees the light

Cause she knows if she stops she’ll get buried alive




Is this a dream is this a dream

Or am I drowning

I try to scream I try to scream

But nothing’s coming out

I’m slipping through the darkness

In an ocean where no one’s around

And something’s pulling me down



6 feet underwater

Trying to hold my breath but I’m

Sinking deeper and deeper

Reaching up towards the light

Trying to keep my hope alive

I can’t last much longer

Under water


My strength is gone my strength is gone

There’s nothing left now

Still holding on I’m holding on

But I don’t how

I can make it through the darkness

There’s a hopelessness inside of my heart

And it’s pulling me down




“He’ll Never Let You Go Narration”


Sometimes we pray and sometimes we don’t

But there’s not a time that we’re left on our own

And if we need some guidance, some heavenly aid

There’s something divine that will show us the way

And once we’re enlightened and we rise above

All the suffering and pain that we’ve been trying to give up

We then go find the one that won’t ask for our help

And we pass along the divine love that we’ve felt


“He’ll Never Let You Go”


Sometimes you’re left in the pouring rain

Sometimes your heart just starts to break

And there’s no end sight

There are days when your fire burns out

Everyone keeps pulling you down

you’re Oh just trying to survive



When you fall on your knees

And there’s no one else to turn to

Just look up and you will see

That there’s someone there who loves you

and he is on your side

Waiting till the moments right

You’re not alone

You’re not alone

And He’ll never let you go


It’s hard to see when you’re looking down

It’s hard to hear when you drown it out

But oh He’s always there





And if you’ve ever loved someone

You’ll understand how he feels

But there’s nothing better than this Love






Face up on the floor

I’ve been here before

Lights out

Bleeding on the cold ground


Wake up take a breath

It’s not over yet

Stand up and shake it off

Gonna give it gonna give it all I got



Cause I’m a fighter

I’m a Survivor

Fall down get up and reach higher

Never gonna give up

Never gonna give in


Rising up from the ashes now

And nothing’s ever gonna break me down

Cause I’m a fighter

I’m a fighter



Gloves up back again

Got my second wind

And I’m stronger

Go a little harder

I might get pushed around

No chance I’m tapping out

It’s my time gonna make the climb

And I’m not gonna stop till I reach the top





I’m a fighter

With a lion heart

Weaving in and out

Glowing in the dark

No I ain’t afraid

Of what the people say

Till the last round fighting till my dying day

Nah, it’ll never get the best of me

Because the best of me is my destiny

Life comes swinging hard it’s always testing me

But I’m a champion I don’t accept defeat

I only get first place

Even on my worst days

And when I finally reach the top, y’all

I’ll let you know how it tastes






Once again, our phoenix has fallen

After all that, all her dreams are demolished

She came so far, but was it all just a waste?

Cause she ended right back at the very same place she started


She was told that to take off her ashes

She had to show unconditional love

And the more that she loved, the more good things happened

And we started to see the Phoenix she once was


The football team captain, the popular girl

The valedictorian, they all needed her

And as she reached out, that dark hole deep inside her

Began to be filled, and she began to feel lighter


But just like what happens to each one of us

Darkness came pouring in like a flood

They put out that fire that goodness had started

It left her depleted, discouraged, downtrodden


When you’re on the top, you fall so far down

Just when you think that you’ve figured it all out

But that’s the moment that matters the most

Do you pick yourself up, or disappear with the smoke?


She may be bruised, but she’s still not broken

There’s a spark that lives on, she’s already chosen

To fight till the end, to take some more chances

To reach for the stars and to rise from the ashes


“I’m Not Broken”


I can feel a hole inside my heart 
A thousand missing pieces lost and torn apart

Salty teardrops glisten in my eyes 
I stumble through the darkness looking for the light 


I don’t know how long that this will last 
But I’ll keep fighting till the very end



I may be bruised

but I'm not broken 

I may be tired

But I'm alive 

And I will live

With arms wide open

This heart can love 

I'm not broken


There’s a day when all our hearts will mend 

The pieces we’ve been missing will be restored again 

But till that day I’ll take the parts of me 

The ones I’ve held together 

And see where love will lead 



I didn’t choose to live the life I live 

But I can choose to make the most of it 






“Grand Phoenix Narration”


Our phoenix has found all the strength that she needs

And she's free from the chains that were strapped to her feet

So, she's ready to take to the skies once again

If only she had divine guidance, but then

The great phoenix appears, to show her the way

And she wipes all the tears from her now smiling face

The Great Phoenix says, you belong in the sky

Just do as I do and you'll learn how to fly


“Watch Me Fly”


From the ashes

From the dark

I am rising 

To the stars

Where there was suffering

Now there’s light

I will spread my wings

Open wide 



Watch me fly 

High above the world 

Letting go and breaking free

My chains no longer holding me 

Watch me fly 


Traveling at the 

Speed of light

Breaking boundaries 

Burning bright 

There’s no gravity

To hold me down

I will spread my wings 

Reaching out




“The Sun Will Rise For You”


I see it in your eyes

The hope you’re trying to find

Seems just out of reach

The fear inside your heart

Has kept you in the dark 

And it’s hard to believe



Things can change 

You’ll find your way 



When you’re walking through the fire

When you’re hanging on for life

This night is over soon

And the sun will rise for you

When the cold is rushing in

And it’s piercing through your skin 

Hold on, you’ll make it through 

The sun will rise for you


The heartache that you feel

Can help somebody heal

As long as you don’t keep it trapped inside

So just reach out your hand

It isn’t over yet 

Don’t give up the fight 

Things will change

You’re on your way





And the morning will be brighter

And the hurt won’t last so long
Your burdens will be lighter

Now that the night is gone

But your journey through the darkness

Has made you who you are

You are light

You’re not alone




“Fighter (Reprise)”


When you open up your heart, then 

All the love will pour in 

And you can use all the love that you get 

it's enough it'll get you where you're going

Life will try to get you down 

And only love can get you out

Forget about yourself, reach out to someone else

There's no better time than right now 




Every day is a struggle 

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel

Cause when we fight we get stronger 

We understand the pain, we love harder  

There's opposition in all things

But that opposition helps us all see 

That we can give up or we can stand up 

and we can go out and be what the world needs 





We're the same tonight

We're not alone tonight

Break those chains tonight

We can get out of our heads

Underwater, but we're learning to swim

He'll never let you go

You're a fighter, and you never fight alone 

Happiness is on the horizon 

We're not broken, we're rising 

From the ashes, like a phoenix 

We can rise up if we believe it

This ride can get rough  

But if all that we got is real love that's enough 




"We're In This Together"


You feel alone

And you can't stop falling 

Something happened

Something you never wanted 

And I know it can be too much sometimes 

But there's a better life ahead



When you stare in the mirror, everyone’s staring back at you 

When you think that you're lost you've got someone to hold onto

When life seems to break your heart You're not the only one

And it won't last forever

We're in this together 


Though it looks like

Someone’s figured it all out

They’ve got their own

Times when they break down 

It’s all part of 

This world we live in

But there’s sense in giving up





Our reflection says it all 

No one’s ever really lost 

Look around now 

We’re in this together

Our reflection says it all

If you still think you’re alone

Look around now

We’re in This Together 



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